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It is vital to our country that we lead in creating good-paying American jobs by being at the forefront of industries like clean energy and advanced vehicles. We have so much potential in developing and harnessing clean energy that will become vital to both our environment and economy. Dangerous regimes like Russia are powered by the production of oil and gas. But we can break dependency on fossil fuels by deploying new technologies like heat pumps to heat homes instead of gas. Doing this will create US jobs in clean, renewable energy and strike a blow for Ukraine and against Russia! Leading in the creation of Good paying American jobs in advanced energy technology is the future that MI-10 needs!

Did you know that Michigan State University developed the first entirely transparent solar concentrator which converts any glass sheet or window into a PV cell. Since then, scientists have gone on to develop 100% transparency for solar glass. If our Michigan-based researchers develop this cutting edge technology, we should ensure that we manufacture these game changing products in Michigan and USA and not let China or other countries gain the benefits from our R&D. 

The time is NOW to leave these brutal regimes in the past and move toward energy independence through clean energy investments. As a member of Congress, I’ll work to take the power of the sun, wind, tides and heat from the earth and turn it into American jobs in a new booming economy right here in Michigan’s 10th District. Good paying jobs in high growth fields await and MI-10 can be a leader in developing these solutions.

Bringing Back the Supply Chain

The time is NOW to bring the supply chain home from China and other communist regimes while also ending our dependence on foreign oil. Macomb and Oakland Counties have always represented the heart of innovation and hard work. 

With Michigan and MI-10 leading the way, we will bring the supply chain back to America and create a job market boom. We will increase production in American manufacturing and innovation right here in Michigan’s 10th District. For too long, we’ve relied heavily on foreign oil from places like Russia with brutal dictators that don’t share our democratic values. Our dollars prop up these regimes by paying for the oil they sit on instead of investing in the future back home and becoming truly energy independent. 

This will ensure the people of Macomb and Oakland counties have good-paying jobs and also bring down costs for Michigan families and small businesses.

Protect Our Lakes and Waterways

We are blessed to live in communities surrounded by life-giving water. It is our responsibility as well as my top priority to ensure our lakes and rivers are clean for generations to come. As a public servant, I was instrumental in stopping neighboring communities from dumping waste into Lake St. Clair and polluting the lake and our beautiful beaches.  I want to continue this in Congress. 

The Mackinac Bridge and Great Lakes are a wonderful source of pride for our residents. We have a responsibility to ensure their sustainability for generations to come.

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