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Q: Who is Carl Marlinga?

A: Carl is a Democrat running for Congress in MI-10. He is a former Macomb County Prosecutor and Circuit/Probate Judge who has lived in the district his entire life. He has dedicated 40+ years of his life to public service with legal, judicial and crime fighting experience in addition to breaking racial and gender barriers throughout his career. Carl has led with honesty and integrity. He is running for the newly formed 10th Congressional District. This lifelong MI-10 resident has deep roots in this community and is committed to the economic and social justice this country and his district needs. 

Q: Where does Carl stand on Reproductive Rights?

A: He believes that government has no business interfering with a woman’s health care choices, including any choice that she may make regarding abortion. Carl wants women AND men to take their rage to Michigan's ballot box in November and he pledge’s to codify the protections of Roe into federal law when he gets to Washington. This is about freedom, rights, choice and privacy in all healthcare decisions.

Q: Who is the Republican candidate?

A: John James is the Republican opponent who has run and LOST in each election cycle since 2018 most recently against Senator Stabenow and Senator Peters. He refused to concede in 2020 and made claims of election fraud without any evidence. He has never held public office and has no history of public service. James lives in Farmington Hills which is NOT in MI-10. Our district needs representation from a leader who personally understands the hopes, aspirations and challenges of the families who live here. Carl Marlinga has lived in the district his entire life and has represented the people who are his neighbors for nearly 40 years. 

Q: Weren’t charges brought up on Carl?

A: Carl did the right thing for the right reasons. In one case Carl vindicated the right of a young rape victim by standing with her to reject a plea bargain, which would have given the victim millions of dollars in restitution but would have allowed the defendant to escape prison. As a result of Carl’s decision to stand firm, the defendant went to prison AND the victim still received her full restitution. In the second case, Carl fulfilled his ethical duty to advise the Supreme Court of new information showing that a person had been wrongfully convicted on the basis of false evidence. Because of Carl, an innocent man was set free. The jury unanimously determined that Carl was innocent. The jury foreperson called Carl a man of great integrity. He was completely vindicated. To attack Carl on this is to intentionally mislead for cynical political purposes.

Q: Doesn’t State law prohibit running for election for 1 year?

A: There is more than 80 years of legal precedent that confirms that Carl is eligible to run for US Congress.

Q: How does Carl feel about government control?

A: With regard to the size of government, he believes in Thomas Jefferson's observation which says that "government is best which governs least." This means that he prefers small government to big government, however, there are some necessary things that the government must do to protect the safety of the people and those should be paid for no matter what the cost.

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